When Should I See A Clinical Dental Technician?

This is a very good question. Dental technicians and clinical dental technicians deal with all kinds of dentures. The main difference between the two technicians is the fact clinical dental technicians are able to see patients from start to finish for the whole denture treatment.

Do I Need To See My Dentist First

Yes and no. If you have any remaining teeth left and would like to have a partial denture, then you will need to see a dentist for them to check the health of your remaining teeth and they can then refer you over to the care of our clinical dental technicians. If you have no teeth left, you are able to come and see us direct.

What Is The Treatment Process

When you first come to see us we will offer a free consultation to asses your case and discuss what your suitable options are. If you are looking for implant retained dentures we work with local dentists who can place the implants and we will fit the dentures. Clinical dental technicians are able to see the patient they are making the denture for and at every step of the way they will be the main provider for the denture.

Dental technicians will only make the dentures for patients that the dentist has sent over the impressions to and will not actually meet the patient.

This what makes clinical dental technicians so special as meeting the patient gives them a huge advantage of ensuring the denture they are making will look natural and compliment the patient in every way.

To find out how we can help you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

Top Tips For Dentures

Getting new dentures can be a big deal for a lot of patients, especially if this is your first set.

We understand that loosing your teeth at any age can be a difficult time and we will endeavor to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

We have compiled our top tips to ensure your dentures last a long time and you get the most out of them.

Regular Cleaning

Like our natural teeth, it is important that your dentures are cleaned on a daily basis. Our mouths are a haven for bacteria and as a result, the dentures can start to get very grubby. If not cleaned effectively, the bacteria can be left in your mouth for long periods of time and may cause gum discomfort and even lead to infections.

How To Clean Dentures

We advise putting a soft towel in the sink in case they are dropped (for a soft landing) and to use warm soapy water and a toothbrush all over. You can also buy special denture cleaner.

When To Have A Break From Dentures

At night time we advise that you have a break from wearing your dentures and leave them in a glass of water so they don’t dry out and break (during the day our mouths keep them nice and wet).

We always custom make our dentures but they will always be considered a foreign body so its good to give your mouths time to breathe, which makes night time an ideal candidate.

Denture Relines

If you start to feel that your dentures suddenly doesn’t fit as well, you may need what is known as a denture reline. This is when we reline the base of the denture to fit your mouth nicely again. Over time our mouths can change which means the once well fitting denture is no longer fitting as well.

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Can I Sleep In My Dentures?

The dentures we make are all 100% custom made for your mouths, and as a rule of thumb, any custom made device will be comfortable as it fits perfectly.

Dentures have been designed to act as a set of replacement teeth and to give you the same functions as natural teeth would. However, false teeth will never be as good as your natural teeth because nothing will ever be as good as a natural tooth.

With advances in dentistry and in particular dentures we have come on in leaps and bounds. But at the end of they day, dentures will always be a foreign body compared to your natural teeth.

So, we go back to the original question of can you sleep in dentures? We always advise that at night time you do give your mouth a break and keep your dentures in a glass of water while you sleep. The reason why this is best practice when it comes to dentures is to give your mouth a break and a chance to breath and recover from the day. Custom made dentures are comfortable and will not rub as they are made for your mouths, but they are very similar to shoes. Shoes that fit you are comfortable but after a long day of wearing them and being on your feet, it feels good to give your feet a rest. Its also good to allow oxygen and saliva to freely pass over your gums.

For advice on your dentures or if you would like new dentures, please do not hesitate to call us today.

Fast Denture Repairs While You Wait

When you have broken your dentures we understand that being without teeth is not an option and having a quick turnaround is a must.

Depending on the type of break, we will endeavor to fix your denture while you wait. As soon as a break occurs it is important that you keep them moist, ideally in a glass of water so they don’t dry out to avoid any further damage. Be careful to collect all the pieces up so we can put the denture together. If the denture has shattered into many pieces, it is very unlikely that denture can be repaired and a new set of dentures may be required. In this worst case scenario we will endeavor to get you a new set of dentures as soon as possible so you are not without your teeth for a long time.

As a rule of thumb, if both the pieces of the denture fit together then it will be a simple case for us to repair them while you wait.

If you would like advice in an emergency, please do not hesitate to call us as soon as you can and we will be happy to help. If we are closed and you are really not sure what to do, do not try to fix them at your home. Anything you use on them can make them worse and may mean it is not possible to repair them e.g. do not use super glue. Keeping them wet till you can see us will always be the best advice.

If you would like to discuss a new set of dentures, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

What Will My Dentures Look Like?

When you have decided to get a new set of dentures, whether it be your first set or a replacement set, the final product and how they look will be a key question on your lips.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality custom made dentures that are made especially for you. We use high quality materials to give you a natural finish that will be hard to identify as fake teeth. Over the years dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds and so has dentures. Dentures used to have quite a negative stigma associated with them and they did get a bad reputation for being bulky, uncomfortable and also not aesthetically pleasing.

The good news is, this is a thing of the past. The number one reason why a denture may not fit or be comfortable is because it hasn’t been made to the exact specification of your mouth. Our mouths are very different and at first look it may appear very similar, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The bone ridges in our mouths will vary from a couple millimeters in different areas that means you will require a unique solution that is 100% made for your mouth.

We have made many dentures over the years and we pride ourselves on our work. Part of our role as clinical dental technicians is also to be artistic. Crafting a new denture is like creating a new masterpiece and we truly take our time to get the end result you deserve.

We are happy to show you before and afters of other patients to give you a feel of the end result.

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