My Dentures Are Too Big

So you have dentures but they don’t quite feel right. It may be that they are too big for your mouth and as a result, are not fitting correctly. It is very important to have well fitted dentures as they will feel more comfortable and also will function more like your natural teeth.

It may be that your dentures once fitted really well and then over time they start to feel too big or loose. This can be down to the affects known as bone resorption. This is when the bone in your mouth fades away due to having no natural teeth and your mouths can and will change. This could be a simple case of relining your denture to fit the new measurements of your mouth. As well as potentially being loose, this could lead to gum irritation as the dentures moves and rubs against the gums.

We always advise a yearly check up with your dentures so we can monitor any potential changes and spot them before they get to bad. We will always in the first instance try to salvage your denture so you can keep it for as long as possible. The older the denture the less likely we will be able to reline, and it could mean that you may require a new denture.

In this scenario we would discuss with you your options at a free consultation.

Another important aspect to take into account is that every person is different and there is no one size fits all solution. So if you are in the market for a new denture, do not hesitate to call us as we always custom make our dentures for your individual needs.

Can You Get Dentures While Pregnant

So your pregnant and you may need to get dentures. The first question you will probably have, is it possible to get dentures?

If you have your remaining teeth left and its a partial denture you are after, you will need to have your teeth checked over by a dentist to ensure there are no other problems. One of the by products of pregnancy can be gum disease which is down to the hormonal changes you will be going through. If you have the all clear, you can then be referred on to our clinical dental technicians.

Getting Dentures Process

Depending what stage of your pregnancy you are at, you may not be able to recline in the chair to have your impressions taken. If you are able to, we will take primary impressions of your mouths which will be used to make the special trays. These special trays then help us to take even more accurate impressions at the secondary impressions appointment.

We are then able to make a mock up of your denture for the try in stage. Because they are custom made appliances it is expected that you may require a level of adjustment to get to the comfortable and functional stage.

During the whole process you will be part of the decision making process to ensure you get the denture that you desire.

At the final fit it can also be expected that you may need to further make adjustments – this is very common and we always work with our patients closely to get the best results.

To find out about the options available to you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

All I Want For Christmas Is…….Dentures

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming. The festive season is upon us and this time of year can quickly become very hectic with our personal and work lives.

The last thing we need to worry about is our teeth. We know that in terms of purchases and investments, our teeth or dentures may not always fall top of the list. But a certain embarrassing situation or even the functionality aspect of not having teeth can jump start your desire for new teeth.

Christmas morning, the frantic panic in the morning to get everyone up and ready and to start the festivities in style. Then suddenly, almost like clockwork, the dreaded camera is brought out. This can be your chance in the spotlight or if you are worried about how you look with a gappy smile or an ill fitted denture, it can be a dreaded experience.

If this sounds familiar and you would like to start your new year in style, don’t hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation. We offer consultations so we can asses your needs and discuss what options are available to you. We always work with our patients so we can get the end treatment that you desire. We use a variety of different materials and will discuss with you the pros and cons of all options. When dealing with the human anatomy it can be expected that there may be some form of adjustments. This is completely natural and we will work with you to ensure the most smoothest of treatments.

Call us today to find out more….

Avoid Having Problems With Your Dentures At Christmas

As Christmas is just around the corner, we will all be getting in the festive mood. Good company, seeing family and friends. The mad rush of buying presents last minute (not looking at you husbands/boyfriends…).

The madness and joy all mixed into one is very exciting for all involved. But one thing that can dampen the spirits is trying to enjoy your food at Christmas when you have dentures.

Implant retained dentures could be the answer you are looking for. They offer a fixed and stable way for you to replace your missing teeth. We work with local implant dentists who can place the implants and we restore your new denture on top. To find out more information, call us and book your free consultation today.

The Time Of Year For Socialising

This time of year is office parties galore! Yours, your partners, and other social events you will be attending throughout this festive season. There are enough things to worry about without your teeth adding to the problems. Secure teeth are possible and we will be more than happy to explore this option with you.

Prepare For Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas, time will be of the essence if you are looking for new teeth. We will always endeavor to get to the bottom of your denture worries as quickly as possible. Implant retained dentures can be a longer treatment than getting a new set of removable dentures so we implore you to contact us sooner rather than later for your free consultation.

Better Fitting Dentures Makes A Happy Patient

Dentures overtime can start to become ill fitting as our mouths change. This make it harder to enjoy our favorite food and this is especially true during Christmas.

A custom made denture can make your life easier. By being a closer fit, its not only more comfortable but is also more functional and allows you to enjoy your food again.

Do You Suffer From:

Does this sound like a familiar scenario:

  • Having to step out of a meal to reapply your fixative?
  • Finding sores as your eating, and not enjoying the meal?
  • Avoiding the nice, tempting hard icing cake or the nutted xmas pudding?
  • Sitting in a quiet spot of the restaurant away from other people?
  • Leaving early as you cannot bear to wear your teeth any longer?
  • Finding your teeth are ruling your life too much?
  • Not enjoying Christmas as you should be…

This Sounds Like Me – What Should I Do?

If you want to prepare for a more enjoyable Christmas, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

How To Get Dentures?

If you think you need dentures or a dentist has discussed with you the option of dentures, then you may be ready to start your journey towards a new smile.

If you have no natural teeth left, we can book you straight in for a free consultation. If you have any remaining teeth left, your dentist will need to prescribe you over to our care once you have had your remaining teeth assessed (we are unable to see you until a dentist has checked your remaining teeth).

The first step will be to discuss with you what you are looking for and what options are suitable for you. This can be done in a free consultation. All of our dentures are custom made by our skilled technicians. We have clinical technicians which are able to see you from your very first appointment to the actual fitting of your dentures. So the person making your dentures will see you at every step of your journey.

We believe strongly in natural smiles and strive to get a smile to suit your personality e.g. a younger person with younger looking teeth etc. We like to include you as the patient in the design process so you can get the smile you really want.

We take a couple of careful impressions to get your mouth measurements that starts the journey. From these impressions we will make a mock up of the dentures for the try stage. From start to finish it can be expected that about 5 appointments will be required. It is very common for adjustments to be made to your dentures at each step to ensure that when you leave you have the perfect smile which is functional and comfortable.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.