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How To Glue Dentures Back Together

In short, do not glue your dentures back together. Glue can cause permenent damage to your denture and it may not be possible to carry out a repair. We recommend collecting the pieces of your broken denture and storing them in a moist place, such as a glass of water. The water will stop your […]

Free Denture Consultation

So you have landed on our website. Thank you for finding us and taking the time to read. We are a local denture clinic that creates new smiles for our patients. We understand that getting a new denture or even your first denture can be a big step and investment to take. We like to […]

Dentures Too Big For My Mouth

When getting dentures it is important that they are made to fit your mouth perfectly to give you the best quality of life. Its easy to take our natural teeth for granted until you have lost them. So whatever teeth replacement option you decide to go for, you will want it to give you the […]

Dentures In One Day Near Me

Getting dentures in one day is often referred to as immediate dentures. This is the process of taking the impressions of your mouth prior to your dentist extracting the required teeth. We then carry out a pretend extraction on the study model we will of created from your impression taken. This is then used to […]

Denture Makers Near Me

Look no further, we are a local and professional denture clinic based in the Birmingham area. We are on the robin hood island and we are close to the major motorway network (M42), and are easily accessible from Solihull, Shirley and Hall Green. All of our dentures are custom made for our patients. We do […]