Quick Denture Repairs

Breaking your denture can happen and it can be a stressful experience. We understand how important your teeth are and we will always endeavor for a quick turn around.

Depending on the break or damage to your denture, will depend how quick we can repair them. If its a simple snap in half and both the pieces fit nicely together, it may be a simple repair as you wait.

We will always strive to repair your dentures back to their former glory, but if for any reason it is not possible we will give you advice on the most suitable options going forward.

When you first break your dentures it is very important that you keep them wet so they do not dry out. When we wear our dentures our mouths saliva will keep them moist and stop them from drying out. Putting your broken dentures into a glass of water is recommended and bringing them to us like this will increase the chances we are able to repair them.

What If I Need New Dentures

In the event the damage is too great, we can discuss suitable options for you. We offer a wide variety of custom made dentures and will be more than happy to give you the different options available.

All of our dentures are custom made for our patients and we strongly believe in natural looking smiles. To book in your repair please do not hesitate to call us today or book your free consultation.

Fast Denture Repairs While You Wait

When you have broken your dentures we understand that being without teeth is not an option and having a quick turnaround is a must.

Depending on the type of break, we will endeavor to fix your denture while you wait. As soon as a break occurs it is important that you keep them moist, ideally in a glass of water so they don’t dry out to avoid any further damage. Be careful to collect all the pieces up so we can put the denture together. If the denture has shattered into many pieces, it is very unlikely that denture can be repaired and a new set of dentures may be required. In this worst case scenario we will endeavor to get you a new set of dentures as soon as possible so you are not without your teeth for a long time.

As a rule of thumb, if both the pieces of the denture fit together then it will be a simple case for us to repair them while you wait.

If you would like advice in an emergency, please do not hesitate to call us as soon as you can and we will be happy to help. If we are closed and you are really not sure what to do, do not try to fix them at your home. Anything you use on them can make them worse and may mean it is not possible to repair them e.g. do not use super glue. Keeping them wet till you can see us will always be the best advice.

If you would like to discuss a new set of dentures, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

How To Fix Dentures That Broke In Half

Accidents can happen and if your denture is broken, you will be wanting a quick turnaround. If the dentures have snapped into two pieces (that connect well) this can be turned around while you wait (1-2 hours). If the denture has broken into many little pieces, it will not be repairable and we will need to explore the route of a new denture for you.

Acrylic dentures are easier to repair than chrome dentures. Depending on the type of break, repairs are not always guaranteed.

At our clinic in Hall Green, Birmingham, we do offer a quick emergency turnaround service. If you have broken your denture, call us today and book yourself an emergency appointments.

Do’s and Dont’s


Keep your denture moist and don’t let it dry out. If the denture drys out, more damage can occur.


Under no circumstance try and glue the denture back together. The glue can strip the adhesive off the denture and can badly damage them beyond repair. In a broken denture situation, it is always advisable to phone us for advice and book yourself an appointment to see a professional. Dentures are not cheap and its always in your best interest to ensure your current denture is well looked after.

New Dentures

In the event that you do need a new denture, we are happy to offer a free consultation where we will examine your current situation and see what options are best for you. If you have some of your natural teeth left, we will need a prescription from a dentist to say they are clinically sound before looking at your denture options (before denture treatment can be commenced, any fillings and remedial work would need to be carried out by your dentist).

Call us today to book your free consultation.

Broken Denture Repair In Birmingham

Loosing your teeth is one thing, and having a denture is another. But when your denture breaks unexpectedly, it can really effect your every day life.

The first thing to determine is if the denture can be repaired. If the denture has a clean break and it is in a couple of pieces, then the chances are looking good. If it is in many small pieces you may require a new full denture.

If your denture is pink (acrylic) then it could be a simple repair job that can be completed while you wait (case dependant). Chrome (metal) dentures are more difficult to repair and may not be possible (one of the disadvantages of metal dentures is the difficulty in repairs if they occur).

When your dentures break it is important to keep them moist. If they dry out, further damage can occur and this could lead to dentures that are not repairable. Call us as soon as they break and we can advise on suitable appointments and what to do next.

If for any reason your denture is not repairable, we can discuss suitable alternative options to get a new denture. We will always strive to repair your current denture and will give you honest and impartial advice so you have all the information to make an educated decision on how you would like to proceed.

Call us today to find out if your denture is repairable.

Denture Repairs While You Wait

The two main common types of materials that can be used in making dentures is acrylic and metal. Metal dentures are stronger as they are made out of a stronger material but one main disadvantage associated with these dentures is the fact that if they do need alterations or repairs, it might not always be possible.

Acrylic dentures are easier to repair and if the break is straight down the middle in two parts, then this can even be repaired while you wait!

If you are unsure whether or not your denture can be repaired, call us today and we will be able to give you advice. It is important in all instances that you collect all the parts of the denture and you keep them moist to stop any further damage.

If your dentures are not in a repairable state, we will be able to discuss suitable alternatives with you. It is important to ensure that at all times you take care with your dentures to avoid any damage. We find dentures are most commonly damaged during the cleaning of them as they can slip out of your hands into the hard sink. When washing we would advise a towel is put inside the basin to act as a buffer in case they are dropped.

If your dentures are in tact but they don’t feel as comfortable or well fitting any more, this will be down to the lining of the denture. As time goes past it is common for our mouths to change so dentures will require relining again to make them a precise fit again.

If you need a denture repair urgently, call us now.