How Do You Take Care Of Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures need to be cleaned on a regular basis, just like your natural teeth would need, and for that matter, any other denture.

Bacteria will build up on dentures and can overtime damage them if not cleaned. They can also start to make your nice looking teeth, start to look grubby, just like natural teeth.

Dentures are very delicate and can be broken easily if dropped. Especially when handling your dentures with water, it can start to make them slippy and accidents can happen. It is always best to preempt any accidents by placing a soft towel in the sink basin. This will act as a soft cushion and protect your dentures if dropped.

It is also important to use a soft brush to clean them or a special denture brush. Brushing too vigorously or with a hard bristle brush, can also damage your dentures, so it is important to take care.

You can use either warm water, soap or special denture paste to clean them with. There is special denture cleaner that you can also leave to soak your dentures in.

Just like with natural teeth, by building up a daily oral hygiene routine when you clean your dentures, it will fit into your lifestyle and become second nature. Dentures are an investment and to protect your investment, they will need regular cleaning. We are strong advocates of protecting your dentures so you can enjoy many years of your new teeth.

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How Do You Eat With Partial Dentures?

When you first get your partial dentures you will need to go through an acclimatization period to get used to them.

We advise a soft diet to begin with and to eat evenly across your denture to ensure even pressure on both sides. Cutting your food up until smaller pieces will make it easier to eat as well. Avoiding food that is either sticky or hard is advisable as you can damage your new dentures. During the adjustment period it is also advisable to avoid chewing gum.

A partial denture is a medical device designed to help improve your life and to regain the functionality you had lost. Just like any medical device, they are also a foreign entity you have put on your body. Our bodies are very adaptive and will react to these foreign entities. So this bedding in period is important to get used to the dentures, so you are able to enjoy your life without realising they are fake teeth.

We believe in making high quality custom made dentures that can fit into your lifestyle. The better made the denture, the more easily it will fit into your life with minimal impact. We do take our teeth for granted until we start to have problems. When we then need to go down the route of false teeth, you will want an option that regains the functionality you lost but also restores your confidence to enjoy your every day life. To find out what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and book your free consultation today.

How To Make A Partial Denture?

We custom make our Partial dentures to partially replace sets of your missing teeth. You may need this in the event that some of your teeth had to be extracted by a dentist as they had poor prognosis and they were failing, or you had suffered from trauma which had resulted in tooth loss.

Partial dentures are made to fit alongside your remaining teeth and can also be stabilised by your remaining teeth through the use of precision attachments. If you are after a more secure and permanent solution, you can do down the route of implant retained dentures.

When you have decided that a partial denture is the right treatment for you, the process of getting it custom made and ready for you is usually done over a couple of weeks and about 5 visits.

The first step is take primary impressions of your mouth which will be used to make a special tray that fits your mouth. This special is then used to take secondary impressions which will be much more accurate due to this tray. The next stage is for a try in. We will have made a mock up of your new dentures for you to try in and further refinements will be made.

The final phase of getting partial dentures will be the fit. This is when you will be able to leave our clinic with your new dentures. It is quite common that a reline or further adjustments may be required after the fit, to ensure that they snugly fit your mouth. As everyone’s mouth is different, getting a perfect fitting denture is a precise art where we need to carefully take measurements and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to the end of the treatment we will make sure you have been happy with the treatment. To find out more information, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.

Where To Get Partial Dentures In Birmingham?

Partial dentures are a way to replace multiple missing teeth and have been designed to treat patients who haven’t quite lost all of their teeth. There are a number of reasons why you may of lost your teeth. If you start to have a gappy smile, it might mean that a partial denture might be more suitable than other options.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be made out of a number of materials and the final option that you decide to go ahead with, will have been discussed in detail at the free consultation. The partial denture will be custom made to fit your mouth’s measurements and to fit alongside your current teeth. There are removable and fixed options available. With partial dentures it is possible to use precision attachments to help make them more secure.

Secure Partial Dentures

If you are not after a removable denture, it is possible to have an implant retained partial denture which will be a secure option. This will add more security and stability than a removable option and can help promote healthy bone growth.

Where Are We based?

Our clinic is based in Hall Green, Birmingham. We are easily accessible from the surrounding areas of Birmingham. We are always happy to arrange a free new patient denture assessment where we will examine your current denture and discuss suitable options with you. If you are looking for a new denture, we will also be happy to discuss your options at a free consultation.

What Are Different Types of Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are restorations that can be custom made to replace several missing teeth, fitting them around your remaining teeth. The partial denture will be made to blend in with your natural teeth so they are not only comfortable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing.

What Do Partial Dentures Consist Of?

Partial dentures consist of a plastic base (for flexibility & comfort), a metal framework (for strength), and the porcelain crowns (false teeth) situated on the top. There are different combinations of materials that can be used when making dentures and depending on your exact needs, the ideal solution for you could be different to the next patient.

Partial Denture Stability

One of the benefits associated with being able to have partial dentures is the fact that the remaining natural teeth can be utilised to help stabilise the denture in place. By using precision attachments and clasps, the removable partial denture can be secured in the mouth when it is in use – allowing you to enjoy your every day life as normal.

If you are interested in a more secure and stable treatment, an implant retained partial denture could be a suitable treatment for you. This is a fixed option where the implants are placed in the patients jaw and the partial denture is securely fitted on top and will bridge the gaps in the patients mouth.

Custom Made Dentures

Which ever treatment that you do decide to go ahead with, our dentures are always careful crafted to each individual patients exact needs and requirements. What this means is, the dentures are much more comfortable and functional. Making you feel as if you have your natural teeth again!

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