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About Us

Creating Smiles are a well established group of denture clinics & technicians that offer high quality, well fitting, comfortable & affordable dentures to meet your teeth replacement needs. We offer a wide variety of dentures which includes: complete dentures, partial dentures, as well as Denture repairs. We also offer our patients the choice of materials which our dentures can be made out of: acrylic dentures, chrome dentures, metal dentures.

If you are interested in having a denture but unsure which option will be best for you, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today!

By becoming a patient at Creating Smiles you will have access to a team of highly trained denture technicians who offer the latest in modern and advanced denture treatments. You will be very much in control of your final appearance as we will work closely with you to ensure the end result it what you are after.

Helping You To Realise Your Smile Goals

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth is not only going to affect the aesthetics of your looks, but it can also lead to losing of other teeth (due to bone resorption). Every patient we see has their own individual goals. We treat them as a unique smile and restore their smile to match their needs. There is no one fit for all, our dentures are custom made for that patient. We will help you to realise your smile goals again and help you to smile confidently everyday. Your dentures will not only help restore sunken facial features, but can also help you to regain some of your youthful looks. Our professional clinical dental technicians will be able to give you professional advice at the free denture consultation to explore suitable options for your needs.

Natural & Comfortable Attractive Dentures

At our denture clinic we are able to offer our patients the benefit of having the undivided attention of our clinical dental technicians. Each technician will take their time to fully understand your needs and what you are trying to achieve. Your treatment will not be completed until yourself and the dental technician are 100% happy with the finished result. Our dentures are expertly made to look and function like your own teeth. Comfort, aesthetics and natural looks are always key elements in the dentures we offer to our patients.

Creating Dentures To Meet Your Needs

In today’s society, having a nice smile and teeth is quite an important aspect when you meet people (friends and new people alike), as its one of the features people tend to notice first. Our aim is to ensure denture wearers feel confident and comfortable when they are in social situations, without having to worry how their teeth look. All of our dentures we make, are made to fit in with your natural appearance. We want the last thing to be on your mind when you are out are how your teeth are looking. We will get to know you at the free consultation to really understand your needs, so we can create a truly natural smile that blends in with your personality.

Professional Expert Dental Technicians

The team behind Creating Smiles have been making dentures for many years individually and as a team. We have encountered many different cases and have an excellent understanding on what options are suitable for certain cases. By being clinical dental technicians it allows us to use our technical knowledge and skill to create the dentures, alongside the clinical side of meeting the actual patient, to create truly beautiful smiles that make our patients smile. We always strive to offer the highest standard in patient care and denture quality to our patients.

Our clinical dental technicians are registered dental professionals with the GDC who are able to offer denture related treatments directly to patients. We can also work alongside dentist colleagues to offer dental implant related treatments.

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