Dentures are quite commonly known as “fake” & “false” teeth. This is because they will act as replacements for your natural teeth if you have lost them, or they are going to be extracted. One of the main concerns people have about replacing missing teeth is whether or not they will look natural, and if they will be comfortable to wear.

Comfortable Natural Dentures

Creating dentures is an art form. Our clinical denture technicians carefully create our patients dentures to look and act like their natural teeth. Old fashioned dentures have a bad stigma associated with them as they didn’t look like real teeth, and were quite often ill fitting and uncomfortable.

With modern advances in the dentistry field and years of experiencing crafting dentures, our team at creating smiles are able to truly make works of art that will be hard to tell if they are real or fake teeth.

Making Dentures To Suit You

We truly believe in making dentures that are suitable and natural looking for the patients we see. The ages of our patients do vary quite a bit and the dentures we make a twenty year old will look different for a patient who is in their 60’s. Many of our patients who come to us would like a discrete option so people don’t realise they are wearing dentures.

Of course this is very case dependant and the needs of our patients do vary. During the treatment process we will always involve our patients during the design process to ensure that the final result is what they are after.

Can Fake Teeth Really Look Real?

In short, yes. We can make dentures blend in with your existing teeth and even look like your natural teeth. We can even make the dentures look even better than your original teeth did!

If you are unsure which options will be the best for you we always recommend you book an initial free denture assessment so we can evaluate your options and discuss what treatments will be the most suitable to meet your needs.