If you have unfortunately lost a full set of upper/lower or even both sets of teeth, or you are currently in the process of loosing your teeth, you may be starting to consider what options are available to you, and what costs will these entail.

When looking at a new set of dentures the costs can vary depending on your exact case. Our high quality dentures are custom made to fit the exact specifications of each patient. By being custom made, the dentures will feel more comfortable, functional and will act more like your natural teeth, than dentures which haven’t been made for your measurements.

There are also multiple materials that dentures can be made from. Each material has specific benefits which may be more suitable for certain cases. We offer free denture assessments so we can get to know your needs and explore which options will be the most suitable for you.

How Do Full Denture Stay In Place?

When exploring full teeth replacement options you need to understand what this will mean for you in every day life and why it is important that you make the right decision to proceed with. People sometimes think that when they have dentures there will be no security or stabilisation and they could be faced with an embarrassing situation of their teeth falling out in public. This is true if your dentures haven’t been made to fit your mouth. By having bespoke made dentures, you will experience better suction and grip which hold your dentures firmly in place. This will still be a removable option, so you are able to take them out yourselves (for regular cleaning, to sleep etc).

For patients who are looking for an even more stable option, implant retained dentures are a safe and secure way of having your dentures fixed into place.

implant retained denture

Denture Stabilisation & Bone Resorption

One of the many problems associated with having missing teeth is the fact that your jawbone will start to wither away. Over time this faded away bone can cause your once snug fitting denture to start to feel loose and uncomfortable. This is not a major problem, as we can offer denture relines which takes your existing denture and relines it to fit your new measurements – making it comfortable and secure again. This will be a minor inconvenience every so often (how quickly bone resorption happens will vary from patients) to ensure that your dentures work the best for you.

For patients who would prefer a long term fixed solution then implant retained dentures (also known as overdentures) can be an ideal treatment. This involves having dental implants (small titanium screws) safely placed into the jaw bone. These then act as an anchor and will hold the denture securely in place.

If you are looking into a new full denture and are unsure which options will best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation.