It is a common misconception that when you lose your teeth that the replacements will never look as good as the real thing. It is true that the very best your mouth can get will always be your own natural teeth, but unfortunately in the event of losing teeth, dentures can be the very next best option. With modern advances in dentistry we are able to create natural looking dentures that are able to blend in with your smile. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they will also be made to be comfortable as well as functional.

Denture Stabilisation

When people think of dentures, they quite often think of ill-fitting and uncomfortable false teeth, that don’t look good either. A popular treatment is to have the dentures implant retained. What this means is, a dentist will place the dental implants into the patients jaw and we will fit a custom made denture to the implants. The implants will act as the roots of the missing teeth and will securely anchor the denture in place. Like all of our dentures we will make it to match the patients needs, creating it to fit with the patients natural smile.

Custom Made False Teeth

If you are looking at getting new dentures or replacing your old dentures, but your not sure if you would like to have them stabilised with dental implants, we do offer alternative treatments which may be more suitable for your needs. When you have no teeth remaining, your new dentures will be made to fit on the bone ridges. The better and more precise fit, the more comfortable and functional your dentures will act. We custom make our dentures to always match our patients individual needs so they get the very best use out of them, allowing patients to carry on with every day life.

When you lose teeth the bone areas of the missing teeth will start to fade away over time. What this means is, your once well fitted denture may start to feel loose and uncomfortable. In these instances, a denture reline may be required to reline the base of the denture to your measurements in your mouth.

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