Dentures are a great way at replacing multiple missing teeth to full sets of missing teeth. Our dentures are custom made to fit the exact measurements of our patients. When you lose all your teeth you will be left with bone ridges which the dentures will be made to fit. By custom making the dentures, we are able to ensure that there is a snug and comfortable connection with the patients jaw, making it a very comfortable and enjoyable way to replace teeth. There is a common misconception with dentures that they will be ill fitting, loose, and uncomfortable. The more precisely made dentures are, they will be a much more enjoyable treatment for the patient and will also last longer too.

How Are Dentures Stabilised?

With modern advances in the dental industry, it is now possible to stabilise dentures for security and stability, and peace of mind as you go about your everyday life.

Depending on your exact case, the type of stabilisation that will be the most suitable for you can vary from patient to patient. If you are only looking to replace a couple of missing teeth, a partial denture could be an ideal treatment which will fit around your existing teeth. To help add a bit of stability, there are precision clasps that can be utilised on the adjacent teeth to where the partial denture is.

If you are looking for a more stable option, implant retained dentures may be ideal for you. This is taking advantage of the most modern techniques in tooth replacement that uses implants in the jaw to then anchor in the restoration. This will offer the patient the aesthetics of new teeth they are looking at, as well as the functionality. You will be able to talk, eat and drink in complete comfort of knowing that your teeth are secure.

Free Denture Assessments

We offer free denture assessments so we can asses your needs in detail and explore which options will be the most suitable for you. Please do not hesitate to call us today and book your appointment.