Denture repairs

Breaking your denture can be a heart-breaking experience for anyone at any age. Not being able to smile naturally can seriously impact your life. Not only are the aesthetics affected, but also the functionality of being able to speak and eat normally.

We understand that in the event of a breakage or a tooth falling off, it is important that your dentures are quickly repaired and returned to their former glory.

Quick Turn Arounds

We are a fully equipped denture clinic that is run by a highly skilled team of clinical dental technicians. What this means is, we are able to see the patients as well as make them their dentures or repair their dentures. By seeing patients we are able to take accurate measurements to ensure that the dentures that we make or repair fit snugly and comfortable.

Another major benefit of seeing the patients we are making the dentures for, is the fact we are able to make dentures that suit that patients age. We are true believers of making natural & beautiful smiles that compliment each individual patient we see.

In House Denture Repair

Depending on the exact breakage you have experienced, we can repair the dentures within two hours at our clinic whilst you even wait (if you would want to). In some cases the dentures may be too damaged to repair, and this event we would discuss suitable options for replacing those dentures.

New Denture Options

It is always our aim to try and repair your denture for maximum comfort & functionality. We will be honest about your dentures and will explain in clear detail if they are indeed repairable or if you need new dentures.

At our denture clinic we are proud to offer an extensive range of denture related treatments to suit all different cases. Depending on your exact case there can be multiple solutions to meet your needs. We will always explain the benefits of each option and we will go along the patient journey with you to ensure that you leave 100% satisfied.

If you have damaged your dentures and would like them repaired as soon as possible, please do not hesitate to contact us today and book your appointment. Alternatively, if you are interested in getting a new dentures or replacing your old dentures, please do not hesitate to contact us and book your free denture assessment today.