Partial dentures are restorations that can be custom made to replace several missing teeth, fitting them around your remaining teeth. The partial denture will be made to blend in with your natural teeth so they are not only comfortable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing.

What Do Partial Dentures Consist Of?

Partial dentures consist of a plastic base (for flexibility & comfort), a metal framework (for strength), and the porcelain crowns (false teeth) situated on the top. There are different combinations of materials that can be used when making dentures and depending on your exact needs, the ideal solution for you could be different to the next patient.

Partial Denture Stability

One of the benefits associated with being able to have partial dentures is the fact that the remaining natural teeth can be utilised to help stabilise the denture in place. By using precision attachments and clasps, the removable partial denture can be secured in the mouth when it is in use – allowing you to enjoy your every day life as normal.

If you are interested in a more secure and stable treatment, an implant retained partial denture could be a suitable treatment for you. This is a fixed option where the implants are placed in the patients jaw and the partial denture is securely fitted on top and will bridge the gaps in the patients mouth.

Custom Made Dentures

Which ever treatment that you do decide to go ahead with, our dentures are always careful crafted to each individual patients exact needs and requirements. What this means is, the dentures are much more comfortable and functional. Making you feel as if you have your natural teeth again!

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