When people think of getting dentures they quite often think of ill-fitting and uncomfortable fake teeth, that don’t act as good replacements for their natural teeth.

This is quite often a common misconception with dentures because we custom make all of our dentures to fit our patients needs.

What Does This Mean

Each patients mouth is different. The grooves and ridges are different. The exact measurements will vary. There is no one size will fit all with dentures. Each denture we make will be for that particular individual. We take accurate and careful impressions of our patients mouths so that the denture that is custom fabricated will fit comfortable and snugly, ensuring for an enjoyable and excellent teeth replacement treatment.

A Denture To Truly Meet Your Needs

We understand that new teeth are not just new teeth, but they will play a big part in your every day life, whether it be aesthetically (how they look) or functionality (eating, talking etc). We always aim to make natural looking dentures that really compliment the patients individual needs and allows them to enjoy every day life.

High Quality Dentures From Our Dental Technicians

We have been making dentures for many years now and have an extensive combined history as dental technicians and clinical dental technicians. We really enjoy to bring the smiles back to your face. Getting a new denture is not just a treatment, but it is in fact also an experience, that leaves you smiling at the end. We will take our time treating you, really getting to understand your needs, so the final results is just right.

Free Denture Assessment

We will be happy to see you for a free denture assessment to discuss your needs. Please do not hesitate to call us today.