Denture relines are a way to make your uncomfortable and ill-fitting denture once again comfortable and well fitted.

Why Does My Denture Become Loose?

When you have lost your teeth and you opt for a denture teeth replacement option, it is important to understand that the effects of having no teeth will have on your jaw bone. Over time your jaw bone will deteriorate due to bone resorption. The rate at which this will affect you will vary from person to person.

Custom Made Dentures

All of our dentures are custom made to fit the patients exact measurements of their mouth, ensuring that the denture feels very comfortable and snug, which will function more like their natural teeth. Wearing a denture will help to some extent stabilise the region but it won’t stop the natural effect of bone resorption. So the denture wearer over time may start to notice that their once well fitted denture is now starting to feel loose.

Do Not Panic!

This isn’t a major issue as all it means is that the denture may be due for a reline which will reline the bottom of the denture to fit the new measurements.

Stabilised Dentures

We understand that some patients may be more interested in an option that provides a more stabilised result and can help to stabilise the jaw region further, as well as promote health bone growth. This treatment is known as implant retained dentures (or overdentures).

The denture will be fitted on top of dental implants (carried out by a dentist) which will be placed in your jawbone. These will anchor in the denture on top allowing for a fixed and secure option. As previously mentioned, one of the main benefits associated with this treatment is the fact it can help combat the affects of bone resorption.

Free Denture Assessments

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