If your teeth are failing and you know you need a dentist to extract them, you may be wondering how soon after your teeth have been extracted, will you be able to have a denture fitted.

It is possible to have dentures put on straight after the affected teeth are extracted, and this is known as immediate dentures. Before you have the teeth extracted, impressions will need to be taken so the dental technician is able to hand make the dentures, ready to be fitted immediately after the teeth have been extracted.

Healing Period Before Readjustments

The main benefit of having immediate dentures is the fact that you will not be without teeth for any period of time. But, by having dentures fitted straight away, the mouth will have not undergone the healing period. During this healing period after an extraction, the gums and bone can change, causing the once well fitted immediate denture to be ill-fitting. This isn’t a major problem though, as all it needs is a simple reline and re-adjustment with the denture clinician, who will make the denture fit your new measurements.

Are Immediate Dentures Suitable For Me?

We offer free denture assessments so we can asses your current situation and identify which options will be the most suitable for you. Immediate dentures can be a good treatment if you don’t want to be without any teeth for a period of time, but the clinical dental technician may advise of another treatment if it will give you better results. Please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation.