When your looking for your first denture or a replacement set of dentures, you might be considering booking in for a free denture assessment with a clinical dental technician.

Clinical dental technicians are dental technicians who are able to see patients at the initial stages of getting dentures. General dental technicians will not see the patients and the dentures that they will make will be from the measurements sent to them from the treating dentist. This is where clinical dental technicians really stand out as they will see the patients at the initial stages and they will take the measurements needed to custom make the new dentures.

Custom Made Dentures

One of the main benefits of having the person who sees you for the impressions appointment and make your actual dentures, is the fact that the dentures will be made to meet your exact needs. The look and feel of your denture is very important and can be quite hard to capture, especially if you have never met the person. The role of a clinical dental technician is still fairly new but it is becoming increasingly popular with people looking for new dentures. We always ensure that every person we see, we will fully understand their exact needs, so they will leave with a smile on their face.

Denture Training Try In

What this means is, we are happy to offer our patients a try in stage where a training plate is worn prior to the final restoration. We understand the importance of a new denture to our patients and the need to ensure that the choice to go ahead with the denture is the correct one. We will always refine the denture to make sure that the final restoration is exactly what you are after.

Free Denture Consultations

The first process is to undertake a free denture consultation where we will explore all treatment avenues with the patient. Please do not hesitate to call us today to book your free consultation.