The first thing to do is to not panic. Accidents can and will happen, even with the safest precautions in place. Dentures are very delicate and do need careful handling, especially when taking them out or cleaning etc – but when an accident does happen and a tooth is lost, please do not worry.

Quick Denture Repairs

We are able to offer chair side repairs (case dependant) while you wait at our clinic. This could take around 2 hours to repair. If for any reason the damage is too great and we are unable to repair it there and then, we will do a temporary solution for you and will then discuss what direction we can head for a final restoration.

We always prefer to repair a patients denture in the first instance rather than replace it, as we understand it can be a financial commitment you have made and we will endeavour to ensure that it is returned to its former glory.

How Quick Can I Be Seen?

We are an independent denture clinic that will work with you to find a suitable day and time to book you in. We understand the urgency of getting you in sooner rather than later to protect your dignity and quality of life.

What Do I Do If The Damage Is To Great To Repair?

In these circumstances we will find a temporary solution for you at this appointment so when you go home you are able to enjoy a good quality of life. We will examine your mouth and discuss what options may be suitable for you. Our clinical dental team are highly trained and able to offer a wide range of custom made dentures to really meet your needs.

If you have broken your denture and are in need of an urgent repair, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your appointment!