If you are in the unfortunate situation of losing some teeth or in the more severe cases of losing the majority or all of your teeth, you might be in the process of deciding what option will be the most suitable for you.

Dentures are one of the ways at replacing missing teeth, giving you back the quality of life you deserve.

Which Denture Is Best?

Each person is different, and their needs will also be equally different. If you have multiple missing teeth then a partial denture may be a viable option for you. Partial dentures will partially replace several missing teeth. They will be made to fit alongside your remaining teeth. Partial dentures can be fixed (implant retained bridges) or removable. If a partial denture is made to be removable, they can be secured in place with precision attachments, to give them more stability.

If you are in need of a full arch replacement, then complete dentures will be a more viable option. These will act like a new set of teeth. These can also be made to be fixed (via implants) or removable.

Custom Made Dentures

At our denture clinic all of our dentures are custom made. By making them for your exact specifications, they will be feel more comfortable and act more like your own teeth than dentures that are not made specially for you. We take our time to ensure that they will not only be comfortable for you, but also aesthetically pleasing. We understand the importance that a nice smile can mean to people and will take great care in realising your dreams.

Free Denture Consultations

If you are looking for the most suitable way to replace your missing teeth, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free denture assessment.