Losing your teeth at any age is not a pleasant experience to go through. Not only will the aesthetics of your looks be affected, but it also has an impact on your everyday life. Your teeth can not only compliment the way you look and smile, but they are also very functional when it comes to enjoying your favourite food. Having no teeth can mean that your very limited in what foods you are able to have.

What To Do?

We understand this is a difficult time to go through and there are many different options available nowadays, meaning knowing which one is the best for you can be hard to identify. We are happy to offer free consultations with one of our clinical dental technicians who will examine your mouth and discuss the most suitable options for you, that will not only meet your aesthetic needs, but also your functional ones too.

Can Having No Teeth Have Long Term Damaging Affects?

Unfortunately as we get older it is a natural process that our bone in our jaw fades away, causing teeth to feel loose and eventually fall out. The rate at this happens will vary from one person to the other, and in some case you can enjoy life at an older age still with your natural teeth in tact (with good oral care).

As teeth do fall out though, it speeds up the process of bone resorption which is when the bone in the jaw fades away – causing even more surrounding teeth to feel loose. When you have your natural teeth they do act as stabilisers for the mouth and help slow the affects of bone resorption. So losing your teeth can be quite debilitating for the remaining teeth.

Free Denture Consultations

If you have lost all or your teeth or only a few, or thinking about replacing your current denture, please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free denture assessment.