Stabilising dentures is a way of improving the way your dentures are held in place, so you can enjoy every day life without having to worry about the way you eat and talk.

How Are Standard Dentures Held In Place?

When you have decided to go down the route of getting dentures, one of the first and most common questions we here is, how will the dentures be held in place?

When we make dentures, they are custom hand made teeth replacement devices that are specially tailored to your individual needs. What this means is, your new set of teeth will only fit your mouth, and they will be more comfortable and functional. When you have a denture that hasn’t been made for your exact measurements, it can be very uncomfortable and feel loose – which in turn has drastic effects on your quality of life (eating, talking, socialising etc).

Standard dentures are made to be held in place by the ridges in your mouth. The more snug and close the fit, the better they will be held in place and feel. By placing the dentures in your mouth a vacuum connection will be formed between the denture and your gum ridges, which will hold the denture in place. This is a removable option so the denture can be removed for cleaning. (please note over time it is natural for bone loss to resorp, meaning the denture will need relining to continue to be a snug and comfortable fit).

Partial Denture Stabilisation

If you have partial dentures it is possible to add further stabilisation through the use of precision attachments, which can be used in conjunction with your remaining teeth.

Implant Retained Dentures

What is considered one of the gold standard ways to stabilise a denture is through the use of dental implants. These are titanium or ceramic pegs that are surgically placed by an implant dentist, which the denture is then securely fitted on top after the healing phase. The implants will anchor in place the place and will give you the highest level of stability with tooth replacement.

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