When you look in the mirror, does the way your teeth (or no teeth) upset how you smile? It is quite common to be unhappy with your appearance, and as they say, you are your own worst critic. The way you look can often be associated with the way you feel. If you are not happy with a certain part of your appearance it can also have a negative affect on your confidence.

All of these factors play a part on the quality of your life. We are very sympathetic and understanding towards your needs. We will approach you from the perspective of a friend/family member with your best interest in mind. We will give you our findings and will not hide any information from you so you are in a position to make an educated decision on which way to proceed.

Beautiful Natural Dentures

When people think of dentures, they tend to think of bulky, unattractive and not natural looking dentures that wont be comfortable. These days have ended as modern advances in the field of dentures means they are made with comfort in mind, and to look natural & beautiful.

All of our dentures are custom made to fit the individual patients needs. Everyone is different in many ways and as expected, the mouth can vary a lot from one person to the next. Each slight measurement that is different can have a significant requirement in the denture. The better fitting and snug a denture is, the more comfortable it is.

We are great believers of ensuring that the denture is made to match the patients needs. We include the patient in the designing process and explain what we are able to do for them. For older patients we will try to make their new teeth match their personality, to give the impression they are in fact their real teeth (rather than obviously fake teeth e.g. sparkling white teeth that could be expected from younger people etc) – However some people may want this for them.

To discuss your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and book your free consultation today.