Chrome dentures are a superior partial denture that combines a strong metal base for stability and acrylic to hold your new teeth in place. This partial denture can be used to fit around your existing teeth, blending in for a natural smile.

Why Would I Want A Partial Denture?

The most common reasons why you may be considering a partial denture teeth replacement option is if you have lost some of your teeth and require a restoration which will fit in with your remaining teeth. In the first instance, we offer free denture assessments in which we will examine what you currently have and what options may be suitable for you. When looking at teeth replacement options, there may be numerous options which may be applicable for your case. Certain treatments will be more suited for specific types of cases, and we will explain the pros and cons of each treatment so you are able to make the right choice for you.

Is Chrome A Good Material TO Use

Some of the most common benefits associated with chrome are:

  • Comfortable and easy to adapt
  • Good strength
  • Snug and precise fitting
  • Optional precision attachments are available (which can offer more stability)
  • Easy to maintain hygiene and easy to clean
  • Easy to tighten precision clasps

Will Chrome Partial Dentures Be The Most Suitable Option For Me?

Every patient is different. Everyone will have different goals and desires which means that the most suitable denture for them will need to be assessed on an individual basis, to ensure you end up with the best option for you. Call us today to book your free consultation.