A clinical dental technician is a practitioner that makes dentures. They work alongside dentists, who prescribes them the work, to see patients with the view of getting dentures.

Why Does a Dentist Have To Prescribe A Patient?

If you have some of your natural teeth left, the GDC (General Dental Council) rules states that a dentist will of had to examine your mouth and teeth, before the patient can be prescribed over to a clinical dental technician. This is because the clinical dental technicians are not in the position to make the necessary checks that are required of the patients dental health.

What Is A Clinical Dental Technician

The main difference between dental technicians and clinical dental technicians, is the fact that clinical dental technicians are able to see denture wearing patients. The technicians, will only make the work for dentures patient, from what is sent over from the dentists (impressions).

The main benefit of seeing a clinical dental technician is the fact that they will also be the person who is making your denture. This is very important as it means they will be able to truly understand your needs and will be able to make a custom made denture, that meets all of your needs. The clinical dental technician will carefully take accurate measurements so the custom made denture is well fitting, snug and comfortable.

The other main benefit of being seen by a clinical dental technician is the turn around time. By attending a denture clinic, we are able to custom make your dentures quicker than if you had been seen at a dental practice. This is because no work is being sent away to a dental lab, as all the work will be carried out on site, by the person you have been seeing.

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