It is quite common to hear patients are a bit wary about getting dentures as they are under the impression that they will be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. This tends to be most patients concerns when it comes to getting replacement teeth.

The good news is, with modern advances in the dentistry field dentures have come on in leaps and bounds over the years, and it has truly become a delicate and skilful job to craft dentures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also meet the basic need of being comfortable.

How Are Dentures Made?

Once your happy with the proposed treatment plan and you would like to proceed with dentures, the first step involves taking primary impressions of your mouth. This is so the clinical dental technician is able to take an accurate blueprint measurement of your mouth so that the denture they begin to work on, will be made to fit your unique mouth. The closer and more precise fit, the more comfortable the dentures will be.

The next step involves taking secondary impressions which involves taking impressions of the mouth and teeth again,to further refine the denture being made. Secondary impressions are taken so the final fit will be more precise and comfortable.

The next stage involves a bite registration. This is to determine how the teeth will meet together.

This then moves on to the try stage. An example of the final dentures will be made so the patient can see how they feel and if they are happy to move on to the final fit. Any alterations can be made before moving on to the final fit.

The last stage, is when the dentures are finally fitted – it is quite common after the final fit (of wearing the dentures for a few weeks), the mouth may start to accommodate them differently so a small reline is needed to improve the comfort.

At the end of treatment, we will always endeavour to leave you with comfortable, well fitting, and functional dentures. Call us and book your free consultation today.