False teeth, also known as dentures, are a tooth replacement option that can be used to replace multiple teeth, to the worst case scenario of complete sets of teeth. There are many reasons that may lead to you needing replacement teeth:

  • Accident/trauma
  • Natural causes (old age)
  • Gum disease

Which ever reason has lead to your teeth falling out or having to be extracted by a dentist, you will be looking for a tooth replacement option that not only looks like your natural teeth, but they are also comfortable, and act like natural teeth.

It is quite easy to take teeth for granted when you have all of your teeth and they are healthy. It is only when you have lost some or lost them all that you can truly understand the importance of teeth, and what part they play in your life. Luckily, if you are facing such a situation, we can offer free denture assessments where we will examine your current situation, and discuss what your suitable options are.

Will People Know You Have False Teeth?

This is quite a common question we hear off patients. Especially the younger patients, who have had to get a denture at a young age. With modern advances in the dental field, we are able to construct custom made dentures of a very high quality, that not lonely look real, but they also function like real teeth. With dentures there are multiple different materials that can be used in the making of them. We use high quality materials which we know yields high quality results. For more information, please book your free consultation today.