If you are pregnant and need dentures, then you may be wondering if you are able to have them while you are pregnant.

When you are pregnant it is always important to consult with your dentist first to ensure there are not other problems you may have. It is very common for pregnant women to suffer from gum disease during pregnancy. If it is not urgent for you to have dentures then it may be recommended for you to wait till after the birth of your baby.

However, if you are in the situation of requiring an immediate denture, because your teeth are loose and there is an infection present, then it may be recommended to get the denture before the birth of your baby.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a treatment that are used when you require some of your teeth to be extracted (by a dentist) and a denture is then immediately fitted straight after the extractions. This type of denture will act as a sort of band aid and can help the sites of the extraction to heal quicker. Before the teeth are extracted, the clinical dental technician will take impressions of the mouth and will replicate the extraction on the study models, to create the denture to be used.

This type of method is prone to need adjustments at a later date, as after you have had teeth extracted it is very likely that once the area of the extracted teeth has healed, the mouth will have slightly changed. Which means that the denture may not be as comfortable as it initially was. This will mean it will require a denture reline to make the denture fit the new changes in your mouth, making it comfortable again.

To find out which option will be the most suitable for you if you are pregnant or not, please book your free consultation today.