When you have lost some of your teeth to the most severe circumstances of full sets of missing teeth, then you will be looking for a tooth replacement option to meet your needs. One such option is dentures.

This is quite a common and traditional method of tooth replacement, but with one major difference. Traditionally dentures has suffered from a bad reputation as if they are not carefully created, they can be very uncomfortable and look obviously fake.

When we meet patients the two most common factors people are trying to achieve is comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

With modern techniques and advances in this particular field of dentistry, our dental technicians are able to custom make dentures that will fit your mouth measurements. It is important to understand that with no teeth, changes will occur in your mouth so getting a denture that is made to fit your mouth is vital to ensure it feels comfortable. The bone ridges in your mouth will change over time, meaning that it can be expected a denture reline may be required in the future to make the denture comfortable again.

Finding a Local Clinical Dental Technician in Birmingham

Finding a professional who can give you the denture you are after is an important 1st step to take. Clinical dental technicians are slightly different to normal technicians. This is because they are able to see patients who require dentures (if natural teeth exist, will need to be prescribed by a dentist). By seeing the patient, they can truly get a feel for the type of dentures the patient is after. They can also take the impressions of the mouth which are used to begin the denture making process. By being the person who sees the patient as well as make the actual dentures, they can really capture the denture you are looking for.

To find out more information and see which options are best for you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.