Deciding to go ahead with any form of treatment can be a big step for many patients. An investment of their time and money. This is why once the treatment is completed, it is important to understand how to care for your dentures to ensure you protect your initial investment.

Caring For Dentures

Dentures need to be seen and treated in the same way as you would your own natural teeth. What this means is, just like your original teeth, they will need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

Because dentures can be removed, it can make it easier for you to maintain and keep them clean. We always advise that when cleaning in the wash basin, you put a soft towel in the bottom of the sink so in case they are dropped, they will not be damaged or broken. Try to avoid cleaning them over anything where it is a high drop and with nothing soft to catch them.

As well as cleaning the dentures, it is also important to carefully clean your gum ridges in case any food particles are present. Just like when you have your own teeth, anything that then becomes lodged in your mouth or denture, can start to have bacteria grow on them, which may then start to causes irritations and infections in the mouth.

Soaking Dentures Overnight

It is important to also allow your mouth to have some breathing time with no dentures in. Even though dentures are a viable way to replace missing teeth, because they are not your natural teeth they will always be a foreign entity in the mouth, so the mouth can use some breathing time. This is advised to be at night when you won’t be in the public eye, and the dentures themselves will need to be soaked overnight, so they are always kept wet (dentures can break if they dry out).

If you are looking for a new denture and would like to know the best after care practices, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.