Overtime accidents can happen and you may find yourself faced with a situation where you have lost a tooth from your denture. It can be an upsetting time as you have invested money into a teeth replacement treatment.

Depending on what has caused the tooth to fall out, we advise you call and make an appointment so we can assess what exactly has gone on with your denture. In a lot of cases, it might be a simple tooth replacement repair which can be completed while you wait.

We will always assess your denture honestly and give you the full feedback at the appointment. If the denture’s repair is going to take longer or in the worst case scenario, is unrepairable, we will tell you what your options are and explain the reason behind these.

How Badly Broken Is My Denture?

There are many types of breaks that can occur when it comes to dentures. Fortunately, there are quite a few common breaks that can easily be fixed. This also does depend on the type of materials that were used when your denture was originally made. Some materials are easier to repair than others.

If its a case of a tooth coming out and you need to replace it, then it may be a very simple tooth replacement repair. If the denture has broken in half and the two sides match, then again it may be an easy repair to achieve. If the denture has shattered into many pieces, then it is very likely you will need a new replacement denture.

If you have broken your denture and need an urgent repair – please do not hesitate to call us today.