Getting a denture can be a big decision to make. Deciding on what type of denture you want, and what type of material is used, and how the denture is fitted.

The most common ways to fit a denture is when they are held in place by being a snug and comfortable fit on your bone ridges. All of our dentures are custom made based on the measurements and impressions taken from your mouth. When a denture is made with key precision and accuracy, they will make for a better fitting denture that will not only be comfortable, but also more functional too. These types of dentures will be more secure than an ill fitting denture.

How Are These Held In Place

This method secures the denture in place by the contact that is made between your bone ridges and the denture. It creates a sort of vacuum suction which will in turn hold them in place. This is not a permanent secure method as the dentures will be removable (for cleaning and storing in water overnight). Overtime it is natural for your mouth to change, which is known as bone resorption. This means the bone can fade away, meaning the once well fitted denture is not as well fitting. This can be a simple case of taking your denture and relining the bottom to fit again.

If you are looking for a more stable solution, then an implant retained denture may be an ideal solution for you. This is when we work with a dentist, who will place the implants into your jawbone, and we will then make the denture, that is fitted on top (also known as overdentures).

If you would like to explore your options in more detail, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.