Have your broken your denture? Depending on what type of break/damage has occurred, we are able to offer denture repairs while you wait (case dependant).

What Type Of Break Is Repairable

If the denture has broken into two neat parts, it may be a simple case of repairing the denture while you wait. If the denture has however shattered into many pieces, unfortunately this may be an unrepairable situation. If your denture is not broken but doesn’t fit as well as it once did, then this will require a denture reline. A reline is when the base is modified so it fits comfortably in your mouth again (easier to do with acrylic bases than chrome bases).

It is quite common that a denture will need to be relined every once in a while. This is because when you have no natural teeth left or only a few natural teeth left. The sites of the missing teeth will start to experience bone resorption. This is when the bone fades away and is a natural response to missing teeth. This means that a denture made to fit your mouth two years ago, will need adjusting to fit your mouth as it is today. The affects of how fast or slow this happens will vary from patient to the next.

Do I Need A New Denture?

In all instances we will try and repair your denture if possible. In the worst case scenario that your denture cannot be saved, we will discuss with you options of making a new denture. We will always be upfront and honest about your options, and will give you all the information so you can make an educated decision on how you would like to proceed.

If you have broken your denture, please do not hesitate to call us today!