In the most severe of cases when you have lost your teeth or your current teeth are failing (and may require extracting by a dentist), you may be trying to find out more information about dentures.

What Are Full Dentures?

Complete dentures are effectively a full set of replacement teeth. They will be custom made to fit in your mouth, and will be held in place by the vacuum/suction between the bone ridges and the denture itself. The denture will comprise of two main components. The base, which is what makes the connection with your mouth and will be what your new teeth are sitting on. And the most important part, the actual new teeth.

Dentures have had bad press in the past and you may of heard that dentures are very bulky, uncomfortable, and are not secure. If your denture is not made precisely to fit your mouth, then this may very well be the case. This is because dentures need to be made very carefully, with precision and accuracy, as each millimetre out can make a huge difference in the long run.

Our clinical dental technicians will work with you to identify the exact type of result you are trying to achieve and they will methodically take the measurements carefully, ensuring you get the best fit possible.

Comfortable Dentures

Having a nice set of comfortable dentures is very important for patients. Every patients mouth and bone ridges will be different, and this is why there is no one size fits all solution available. Each patient will be treated as an individual.

The costs associated to each denture will be assessed on an individual basis at the free consultation as well. This is so we can give you accurate information that is tailored to your case. The price of dentures can vary depending on what is needed (full/partial dentures), materials used (plastic/cobalt).

Some dentures are more suitable for certain cases as well, and we will use our knowledge and experience to inform you of your most suitable options.

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