When people think of anything dental related they can often have the misconception that there will be pain involved. Getting dentures is a very non invasive process. The dentures are custom made to carefully fit on top of the bone ridges in your mouths. When making dentures it is important for them to be made exactly for you. What that means is, there is no one fit all solution all. Everyones mouth is different and any slight measurement that is out can mean the denture will not be as comfortable or well fitted.

Getting Dentures Process

If you have any natural teeth left you will need to see a dentist first so they can asses the health of those teeth. They are then able to prescribe you over to us. If you have no teeth left you can come straight to us. The first step is to have a free consultation. At the consultation we will examine your current situation (e.g. current denture, past history etc). We will then outline a plan for what the proposed treatment was. Once you have accepted we will take primary impressions of your mouth. These will be used to make a special tray that fits your mouth. The next appointment will be to take secondary impressions of your mouth using the special trays and will be more accurate than the initial impressions.

The next stage is for the try in where we will try the dentures in your mouth to see how they fit. This will act as a guide for what alterations will be needed before going on to the final fit. The last appointment is then final fit of the denture where the final product will be fitted.

To start the process and find out more, please call us and book your free consultation.