Dentures are a very important part of your life if you have lost your teeth. They enable you to regain some functionality that was lost with missing teeth. Your natural teeth will always be the best you can have and no restorations will ever live up to what a natural tooth is, but if you do need dentures, then its important to protect your investment.

Saying this though, accidents can easily happen even in the best planned out situations. When you have dentures they will need regular cleaning as your natural teeth would. Bacteria can still build up on dentures and form plaque which can attack and damage your dentures over time like they do natural teeth. When cleaning your dentures it is imperative that you take precautions to safely clean them. By putting something soft in the bottom of the wash basin, if you do drop your denture it will soften the blow. The material used in dentures can feel slippy when cleaning and can slip out of your grasp.

My Denture Has Broken

In the worst case scenario and your denture has broken, please do not hesitate to call us today. If the denture has snapped in two it can be a simple case of fixing the pieces together and can be done while you wait. If the denture does break in multiple pieces it may not be such a straight forward fix. If you are unsure if it is repairable, please carefully store all the bits and bring them to us so we can asses what is achievable. If your denture cannot be repaired, we can discuss making you a new denture at a free consultation.