Having teeth out is not a pleasant experience. But sometimes, your dentist will have assessed the teeth and identified the best course of action will to have them removed. Dentists will only remove teeth as a last resort as your natural teeth will always be better than any kind of restorations that are available.

Unfortunately, teeth can progressively worsen over time if complications are left untreated, meaning this is the only course of action left.

Immediate Dentures

If this is the case, there is such a treatment which can accommodate your needs. They are called immediate dentures. Like the name suggests, these are immediately ready to be fitted by your dentist, straight after your teeth have been extracted. Unlike traditional dentures, the process of getting these made will be different. Impressions of your mouth and teeth to be extracted will be taken and sent to us. We will then simulate the extractions on your study models to then custom make a denture that will be fitted immediately after the teeth are removed.

When the dentures are fitted they will act as a bandage and can aid the healing process of the gums. Because our mouths changes during this healing process, the denture can start to feel quite different to how it was when it was initially fitted. This is very common and will mean the denture will need a slight reline a couple of weeks after the extractions. The other thing to take into consideration is that the simulated extraction will not 100% match the actual extractions as this is very difficult to predict how the treatment will go. But this is easily rectified with a reline.

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