Having a gappy smile is not very aesthetically pleasing. Our smile is one of the first things people tend to notice, and any gaps can be quite drawing – often affecting peoples confidence when it comes to social interactions. Not only can it knock your confidence, but it can make you appear older than you are – missing teeth and dentures can often be seen as an old persons deal, but it is not uncommon for a younger patient to need a denture.

As clinical dental technicians we are able to make your denture as well as see you throughout the process. If your denture is made via the dentist route, we will make the denture based on the impressions and notes being sent over from the dentist. One of the main benefits of being seen by a clinical dental technician, is the fact that the person you see is also the person who will be making the actual denture. Crafting dentures is a fine art that requires delicacy, precision and attention to detail. By seeing the patient who requires the denture you are really able to capture what they are after.

Will My Denture Feel Comfortable?

During making of a denture, it is very common that at the final fit it may not feel 100% correct and comfortable. This is nothing to worry about as it is still part of the process and is very normal. Our mouths will change and loosing teeth can be quite traumatic to the mouth. The gums and bone ridges will settle down and when the denture sits on them, it might be slightly off.

What happens then is we take the denture and we will reline the base of it, so it will be a snug and comfortable fit.

When you come to us in search of a new denture, we will always ensure you leave with a well fitted and comfortable denture. To find out more, please book your free consultation today.