This is very much a loaded question. The reason being, there are a number of factors that can affect the longevity of your dentures once you leave our clinic (which are out of our control).

For example, accidents can occur which may cause trauma and damage dentures. Also, over time if teeth (dentures) are not cared for (cleaning etc) then they can be damaged over a period of time. False teeth or dentures need to be treated in the exact same way as it is recommended to care for natural teeth. What this means is, it is advised that you brush your natural teeth twice a day – this is the same for dentures (the cleaning method will of course be different but the principle of how often you clean them is the same).

Just like natural teeth, dentures can start to have a build up of plaque over time which can in turn cause damage to the denture.

When you leave our clinic (after the relines) you will have a fully functioning denture that will meet your needs. We will give you the guidelines on the best care practices on how to keep your denture in good shape. Over time it is natural for the denture to start to feel not as well fitted as it once was. This is because our mouths will change over time and can suffer from bone loss, causing the dentures to not feel as secure – this is when denture relines are required to modify the base of the denture to fit your mouth comfortably again.

We also advise a regular denture check up with ourselves so we can examine the denture and ensure you get the most out of it (including a clean). We do offer a denture care package for your new denture.

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