When getting dentures it is important to understand the importance of cleaning them. Just like natural teeth your dentures will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is because just like natural teeth they can have bacteria and plaque grow on them which will damage the dentures over time.

Unlike natural teeth, to clean the dentures you will need to take them out of your mouth. You can buy special denture cleaner solution to clean the dentures in. It can become quite slippy whilst cleaning the denture so it is advised you put a towel or something soft in the wash basin to create a soft landing in case they are dropped.

Storing Dentures Over night

When going to sleep it is always best to take your dentures out and store them in water. This is so it gives your gums a breather. The dentures need to be stored in water as they cant be left to dry out. Dried out dentures can break or be damaged.

Secured Dentures

If you are looking for a more secure way to replace missing teeth then implant retained dentures may be suitable for you.

Implants are placed by a dentist and will act as secure anchors for the dentures on top. We will custom make the dentures for your exact measurements for comfort and functionality. We will always show you how to care for your dentures and for best practices with cleaning.

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