Food is a big part of our lives. We need to eat to live and it also plays a big part in enjoying life. Having favourite foods is great as it gives you great pleasure when you get to eat them. When we are younger we can take for granted what our natural teeth gives us, the ability to eat all of our favourite foods. When we have lost teeth and then start to think about gap management options such as dentures, one of the most common questions asked is: will I be able to eat my favourite foods as normal.

This is a fair question as not being able to enjoy the things you like in life will affect your mood and quality of life. There has been horror stories of people who haven’t been able to eat properly due to their teeth or denture. This can be linked to an ill-fitting loose denture or loose natural teeth (e.g. that may come out if you bite into something, such as an apple). Ill fitting dentures are quite often caused by not being made for your exact measurements. When we make dentures we will see each patient as an individual case that will require an individual custom made denture. Better fitting dentures will allow you to have more security and stability, allowing you to enjoy every day life.

Gold Standard Stability

If you are looking for the gold standard in tooth replacement for stability and functionality, then implant retained dentures may be suitable for you. This is when a dentist (we work with) places the implants in your mouth (kind of like anchors for your new teeth) and we fit the dentures on top.

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