When you first get your dentures, they are very comfortable and well fitting. You couldn’t be happier. However, due to the nature of dentures and the effects of having missing natural teeth, overtime the dentures can start to feel loose and ill fitting. This is because over time you will start to suffer from bone loss (known as bone resorption), which is when the bone fades away, causing your once well fitted denture to feel loose. This is a very natural process that occurs because you have lost teeth.

When you start to have an uncomfortable denture you may then start to wish you could turn back the hands of time and go back to the days of comfort and enjoying your food. We are unable to turn back the hands of time but we can do a denture reline. This is quite simply a process of relining the base of the denture to fit your new shape and measurements of the mouth. If you have a chrome denture base it may be a bit more difficult to reline than an acrylic plastic base.

It is advised that once you do get a new denture you do attend regular denture check ups with your treating dental technician. This is because they will be able to check on the progress of you and your denture and if anything is not quite 100% they will be able to spot early warning signs. Just like it is advised to attend regular appointments with a dentist, this is essentially the same for denture wearers, to ensure they get the most out of there denture.

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