This is very much a loaded question as everyone we see will have different needs and expectations. When we talk about conventional dentures, we mean the removable sets that have replaced full sets of teeth.

Historically speaking, dentures have had a bad press in the past as people often think of them as very un-natural looking, fake teeth that are not comfortable. This can be true of some dentures, but when we make them, they are always individually crafted for each patient as an individual, so they are custom made for that persons mouth. It is very important to understand that precision when making dentures is a must have, as any slight differences between the mouth and denture can mean it is not as well fitted as it could be. Well fitted dentures are comfortable and enjoyable.

However for some patients this still may not be what they are after and they may still prefer to have a more stable, secure and permanent option. The next level up from dentures is when they are implant retained. Implants are quite a new and exciting revolutionary treatment where the implant dentist we work with, will place the implants into the patients mouth, and we will then fit our custom made denture on top (known as an overdenture when secured in by implants).

This is not the most traditional way to have dentures, but it is an ever growing popular treatment as it offers an extensive range benefits to the patient. One such benefit is the fact that your new teeth will be very secure and allow you to enjoy your favourite foods with confidence.

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