Having no teeth can have a negative effect on you lifestyle, when it comes to enjoying your favourite foods and social interactions. Its quite easy to take teeth for granted when you have them, and you only realise how important they are once you have lost them. Losing teeth can be down to neglect, poor oral hygiene, natural ageing process, or due to accidents.

Whatever the reason for losing your teeth, you will be looking for a solution that will provide you with the lost functionality, that looks good, and doesn’t comprise on comfort. As dental technicians we work with different types of dentures that are custom made for each patient to replace their teeth. We also work alongside dentists who can place dental implants so we can offer a secure way to replace missing teeth. Implants are effectively replacement roots for your new teeth and will hold them in place. The main difference between this option and just dentures on there own, is the stability benefits. Traditional dentures are removable and will be held on through suction from close fitting dentures (the snugger and more precisely they are made, the better fit and suction there will be between gum ridge and dentures).

One such implant treatment that may be suitable (case dependant) is known as same day teeth. This is when the implants are placed in one appointment and the denture is then loaded on top as well. We would work closely with the implant dentist so you can leave with teeth in one day.

To find out what we could do for you and what you are suitable for, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.