Breaking your dentures is not a great experience as your teeth are a big part of your life. It will instantly knock your confidence when it comes to eating and socialising. We can take our teeth and dentures for granted. Its only when something happens we realise how important they are to us.

If your dentures do suddenly break and you want a quick turn around repair, do not fear, call us today. Depending on the type of break we can quickly turn these around and repair them. If they have broken in half and you have both pieces, it can be quite a simple repair that can even be done while you wait. If they have shattered into many different pieces, it may not be possible to repair them and you may need new dentures making for you.

In the first instance we advise you to call us so we can give advice over the phone. Our technicians have had years of experience and we will be happy to advise you (based on the information you give to us).

If you do need a new set of dentures making, we can see you for a free consultation where we will discuss your needs and go through the various options we are able to offer. Making a new denture will take longer than a repair as there are various stages that need to be completed to ensure you leave with a custom made denture that is both comfortable and functional, and also aesthetically pleasing.

If you would like to get advice on your broken denture or would like to discuss a new denture, please do not hesitate to call us today.