Unfortunately nothing will last for a lifetime as there will be a number of factors that can affect how long they will last. For example, how you look after your dentures after you have seen us can determine if they will last you a long time. Just like natural teeth, your new dentures will need to be cleaned twice a day and cared for. Dentures can also have a build up of bacteria and plaque which in turn can attack the denture and cause damage.

When your cleaning your dentures you will be able to take them out to do so. This does make cleaning all around them easy, but it also adds the danger that they may be dropped and therefore broken. We advise to clean them over a wash basin with a towel in the bottom to add some soft padding in case they are dropped.

Also another factor that can be out of our control is in case of other accidental damage. This can be from a trip or fall or from trauma to the head.

Other than accidental damage and lack of care for the denture, the denture can last you for a very long time. Over time though, you may find that your denture is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable or even loose. This is quite common as the denture would of been made for your mouth as it was, as that period in time when you had the denture. As the years go by it is natural for your mouth to change shape and even lose bone, which makes the denture not fit as well. What this means is, your denture will need a denture reline to reline the base for your mouth (may not be possible with metal based dentures).

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