If you currently have a denture that your not quite 100% happy with, then you may need a new denture.

Over time it is natural for your mouth to change shape due to natural bone loss and therefore a once well fitted denture may start to feel loose and not as comfortable. Depending on the type of denture you have, a reline may be possible to make the denture comfortable again. A reline is when the base of the denture is relined to fit your mouth at that current point in time.

When we talk about dentures people quite often have a negative stigma of false looking teeth that are not comfortable and don’t look natural. It is very important that the denture is precisely made to fit your mouth. Any slight measurements out can mean it wont be as comfortable or functional for you. We custom make all of our dentures for our patients mouth and there never is one size fits all approach. It is not possible to pick a denture off the shelf so to speak, as they need to be individually tailored to each mouth.

I’ve Had My Denture For Many Years

If you have had your denture for many years and your not happy with it, we are able to offer a free consultation where we will examine your current denture and discuss with you what want from your denture.

If it is possible to amend or adjust your current denture to better suit you, we will discuss what is possible. If you do go down the new denture route, we will explain the process carefully and ensure you fully understand the option available to you.

To find out more information, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.