If you have broken your denture call us today for more information. Depending on the type of break, it might be a simple denture repair that can be fixed within the hour while you wait, or in the worst case scenarios you may require a new denture.

If your denture has snapped in half and both the parts fit together nicely, this can be a fairly straight forward process to repair it. If however it has broken into many little pieces and fragments, this may be unrepairable.

If your denture does snap in half, under no circumstance try to glue them back together. This can ruin the dentures and may result in them not being repaired. Always bring all the parts to the appointment so we can asses what is possible and we will advise if we can help you.

If it is deemed that the denture cannot be saved, we can explore the possibility of having a new denture. Our clinical dental technicians have many years of experience in treating patients with their denture requirements. All of our dentures are hand made by the technicians you see. They will take the impressions of your mouth and will see you at each step of the way up till the final fit.

How clinical dental technicians work is slightly different from dental technicians. Dental technicians work with dentists who will see the patient and then send off the lab work to the dental technician, who then makes the denture. Where as clinical dental technicians are able to see you and asses the case themselves. If you have natural teeth left you will need to still be prescribed over to the clinical dental technician, but from then they will be able to carry out all the denture work.

Call us today to book in for your emergency denture repair.