Dentures are used to replace missing sets of teeth. These can be from partial missing teeth to full sets of missing teeth.

If you only have a few missing teeth and you still have some of your natural teeth left, you will require a dental examination by a dentist to asses your natural teeth before we are able to asses your denture options. We do work with local dentists and would be happy to arrange that for you. Dental technicians needs to work off a dentists prescription before we can look at your partial denture options.

If you however do not have any of your teeth left, we can see you straight away for a free consultation to discuss suitable options for you.

All of our dentures are custom made and tailored specifically to your mouth, so when you leave at your final appointment you have a set of teeth you are happy with.

The initial process of getting dentures after having the free consultation will be to take impressions of your mouth. From the first impressions appointment to the final fit, will usually involve around 5 appointments over a couple of weeks.

With dentures it is expected that refinements and adjustments will be required before they final fit. Because our mouths are all different shapes it does require very accurate measurements to ensure the denture is comfortable and therefore functional.

The base of the denture is the part that will be in contact with the bone ridges of the mouth. By making a better fitted denture to fit your mouth exactly, will mean it is a much more comfortable and better fit for you. Overtime it is natural to expect the mouth to slightly change shape, due to bone resorption, but a denture reline can adjust the base to your new measurements (if possible).

To find out more information, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.