If you have Dentures and your not 100% happy with the stability or security of them, you may be considering other alternatives.

One such way is through implant retained dentures. These are most commonly known as “Overdentures”. Dentures are traditionally a removable way to replace missing teeth. One of the most modern and exciting ways to replace missing teeth is through the use of implants. We are clinical dental technicians who make dentures, but we also work with local dentists who can place the implants, and then we fit the overdentures on top.

How the implants work is by being placed at bone level of your jaw. The dentist will asses the potential site of the implant to ensure there is adequate good quality bone for the implant to be successfully placed. These implants will then act as anchors/roots for the dentures to be fitted on top. Depending on your exact case, the number of implants needed will vary from patient to patient, and the implant dentist you use will advise.

The denture is then made to fit on top of these implants, and will be securely held in place. One of the main benefits with this type of treatment is the fact that your teeth will be securely held in and you won’t have to worry about them falling out in public.

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