Just like losing your natural teeth, losing your dentures can also be devastating. We can take teeth for granted and only realise how important they are to our lifestyle once we have lost them.

The first step if you have lost your dentures is to book in for a free consultation. At this consultation we will assess what your current situation is, your medical history, background and what you are trying to achieve. There is no one fit all solution when it comes to dentures as everyone is different, and needs can vary.

If you do have any of your natural teeth left and you need a new partial denture, you will need to have your remaining teeth checked over by a dentist, so they can prescribe you over to our care. This is due to regulations that if your natural teeth are not dentally fit (cavities etc), they need to be treated before new restorations such as dentures can be started.

If you have no teeth and just need a complete denture we can see you without a prescription.

As we are clinical dental technicians we are able to see you from the initial free consultation up to the final fit of the denture. As well as discussing the options with you, we will also be the ones who take the impressions and then make the denture for you. We will make any adjustments that are required so when you leave our clinic, you have the denture that suits you best and is comfortable.

We work closely with our patients to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, and to ensure that your input is taken into consideration to make the ideal denture for you.

Do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.