If you are in need of some urgent dentures as your current dentures have been lost or broken beyond repair, or even if it is for your first set of dentures, we can help.

We are a friendly, local and professional denture clinic that is run by clinical dental technicians. As dental technicians we are able to fabricate the dentures that meet your needs. By also being qualified clinical dental technicians we are also able to meet the patients at the free consultation and we will also see you at every step of the treatment process.

The benefit of coming to see us for your new dentures is that the person who you see will also be the person that makes your denture. So we can truly capture the ideal type of denture to best suit your needs. During the process of making a new denture it is to be expected that alterations are to be made to the denture to ensure at the final stage of fitting the denture, it is as comfortable and functional as it can be.

If you do have some of your natural teeth left they will need to be checked over by a dentist prior to attending our clinic, as we can only work from a dentists prescription. However if you have no teeth we can see you straight away.

We are able to offer a fast turnaround for new dentures and treatments can usually be completed in around 5 visits (case dependant), and if you have a particular date for the work to be completed by, we will try and accommodate as best as we can for you.

To start your journey towards a new smile, please book your free consultation today.