If you have broken your denture don’t worry, you are not alone, it is quite common for a denture to be accidentally dropped or broken. The most important thing to do it to not panic and calmly collect the broken bits together.

Do not try and glue the denture back together as the glue can damage the adhesive of the denture and it might not be repairable.

In the worst case scenario that the denture has shattered into many little pieces, then it might not be possible to repair them.

If there is a clean break and only a couple of pieces of the denture to put back together, it can be quite a simple and fast denture repair. In the meantime, it is important to keep your broken denture in water, so they are kept moist. If dentures dry out they can crack and break even more, so it is important they are always kept moist (when they are in your mouth, your saliva achieves this) – and at night, leaving them in a glass of water will ensure they do not dry out.

Call us today and we will book you an emergency denture repair as soon as possible. In simple breaks down the middle we can even repair them while you wait! We will assess the denture when you bring it in and advise how long it will take to repair and if it is indeed possible.

Unfortunately not all breaks can be repaired, and if this is indeed the case, we can discuss alternative options such as making new dentures. As clinical dental technicians we are able to see patients from start to finish when it comes to dentures. If you do have some natural teeth left, you will need to see a dentist first to have them checked over before being prescribed over to ourselves for denture work.